10 January 2014 - Personal - Comments -

There are projects that when they offer them to you you cannot reject, this one has been one of this.

At the end of November I received the call of a friend wondering if it had availability for the next days and I appear what was had in hands. It was necessary to realize a series of photographic meetings to children, with prominent figures known about different areas. With the obtained images there would be created a solidary calendar, which end is to collect funds for the center of Early Attention of Group AMÁS. The truth is that to two minutes of being listening to her it had it clear and I said to me same " Sergio this it is necessary to do it ".

Every day that happens I am prouder to have taken this decision, to know so wonderful people and especially the small ones, it is incredible and unpayable.

Now only it can only that you all help to these children and his families, buying the calendar here.

Thank you very much.

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