intimate wedding , full of details , a unique environment and love so you could define the link and decided to have Laura Manuel . 
The whole celebration took place at the Finca Prados Moros, one of most beautiful places for a Wedding in Madrid 
The spectacular dress of the bride was Otaduy and most surprising of all is that barefoot decided to attend the ceremony. 
He chose a simple but elegant suit protocolo
I had the pleasure of doing video to accompany me the great Daniel Carboneras



The time it takes for Alicia and Daniel den on if I want the wedding day is already for hours and looking forward to the time I bring pictures I did the afternoon we spent together in the vicinity of the Reservoir of Santillana in Manzanares Real.

Between storms we got to enjoy some sunlight that streamed through a sky full of clouds during sunset, for me, during this time it is the most spectacular that can be seen throughout the year.

Fotografo_de_Bodas_en_Madrid_Sergio_Reyes_Fotografo_Preboda_Embalse_de_Santillana_ 01

Just a few days before her wedding here are some photographs that captures the morning I shared with Tere and Jose taking a stroll through the park of whim. Usually when I go to Madrid this iconic park is usually full of people everywhere, so for this couple engagement I proposed to go first thing in the morning, which was a hit. All was quiet, just you crossed you walking with some family, which gave Jose Tere and privacy to enjoy each other. They despite that showed a little tense and wary at first, enough a couple of hugs from her to release the tension that had and have a great get.
It only remains to wait until Saturday to meet again and enjoy another great day, and certainly going to be your wedding.


Maria Dolores and Luis are a couple for work live in Madrid, but from the province of Badajoz. Since the wedding celebration would be in his homeland, decided to make engagement session in which is their adopted land. The clear path had wanted to go downtown landmarks of the capital (Gran Vía, the Royal Palace, Cibeles .....) and to do nothing better than a Sunday afternoon. One of the things that most fascinates me about this area is that even though walking around its streets always find something different.

I always find it nice to do this type of photo shoots, but this time much more. Jesus is my godson and that makes me see this newborn with different eyes.